The Naperville Wrestling Club; Hammer Huskies, was established through the combined efforts of Naperville North High School and Hammer Wrestling School. Hammer Huskies is a great place for potential future Huskies to join a club that is run by District 203 employees that also coach Naperville North High School Wrestling.  All kids are welcomed, you don't have to be a future Huskies to be a Hammer. We hope to provide an opportunity for local youths to learn the sport of wrestling and get involved at a young age.
Vision Statement
Building a passion for succeeding, and a sense of belonging.
Mission Statement
To teach kids to always strive for excellence, believe in themselves to achieve. Teaching them to understand that it's an always mentality not just sometimes, and during this process to make sure we enjoy and have fun.
Our Coaches go above and beyond to make sure your wrestler is known by name and develop a positive rapport with each and every person in the club.

 Team's Vision and Mission Document.
Colluctatio Malleo Canibus
Hammer Huskies Wrestling Season Schedule
  • Hammer Huskies schedules four IKWF Tournaments. Neuqua Valley, Naperville North, Naperville Central and Batavia.  IKWF Regionals, Sectional and State is all bonus wrestling tournaments that each individual wrestler will have to earn by advancing in the tournament respectively.

  • We will enroll in every IKWF tournament that we usually do to give our wrestlers the choice to go to more tournaments if they choose to.  You will just have to notify us if you will go so we can reserve a spot for our club. You will need a USA Card and a Copper Card in order to coach your wrestler in the corner at these tournaments. (Hammer Coaches will only attend the tournaments listed above)

  • Along with the tournaments Hammer Huskies will participate in Mini-Duals. Mini-Duals are free and a great way for each wrestler to get 4-6 matches in an hour to an hour and a half for FREE! Mini-Duals will always be during the week in the evening so you and your family can enjoy the majority of the weekends during a long wrestling season.  Other clubs will also have mini meets on occasional Sundays we will inform you when this will occur. Please refer to the Calendar for any needs.

  • Mini-Duals that are hosted by Hammer Huskies will just replace a day of practice, no extra time commitment needed.

  • During a season an average IKWF wrestler can compile a total of around 20-30 matches * when they participate in every IKWF tournament every Sunday. (9-10 PAID tournaments) Each tournament can last up to 8 hours, that's a total of 72-80 hours!

  • Hammer Huskie Wrestlers will compile a total of around 35-45 matches * (4-5 PAID tournaments, 6 FREE mini-duals) Freeing your family of a total of 54 hours of tournament time. Family time is important to all of us at Hammer Huskies.
    *If you compete at every event, also depends on other wrestlers participation

Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation is a USA Wrestling affiliate that develops and coordinates local amateur wrestling activities.


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